Our Reviews


Owners: Tommy & Corkie

Allie was a rescue just over a year old when we adopted her. We had a fenced in yard before we moved to Florida, so letting her out was never a problem. She would bolt when she smelled freedom, though. That was a problem when we got into our new house because we didn’t have a fence. We were forever running after her when she would sneak out. I told my wife we should look into training and got a referral to DJ from our vet, Dr. Cooper. DJ came to our home and assessed Allie (and us) and determined that Allie was an above average animal in terms of intelligence and that she responded well to consistency and praise. It only took six visits from DJ and Allie could sit, heel, lie down, go to her mat (place), and come. DJ spent most of her time teaching my wife and I how to speak dog. Allie has continued to learn and we work with her frequently. DJ always answers calls if a question or concern arises. Allie can now do all of her commands by hand signal off leash. She’s truly an amazing animal whose potential we would have never discovered without the insight we gained through DJ Gwilt. We highly recommend DJ for any dog owner who desires to have a meaningful relationship with a well behaved and happy dog. You see, the most valuable lesson we learned was to understand Allie and be able to communicate with her. We had to be trained ourselves because Allie knew how to learn, but we didn’t know how to teach her and now we do.


Owner: Sue

I highly recommend DJ to train your dog!  She is patient with both dogs and their humans. I have a Great Dane who has so much energy which is very trying at times.  DJ helped me to get through this by assuring me he is just a big puppy and trained me what to do. Otis is now 1 1/2 and I can bring him anywhere!  He is so calm and loves everyone!  Thank you so much DJ!  We love you!


Owner: Kathi

We bought a long haired German Shepard who was raised with St Bernards, German Shepherds and Neufandlands. He wasn’t raised in a house, we got him at 1 year old. At first he had a very aggressive bark and demeanor, that’s when I called DJ. In 2 weeks he was a changed dog! We continued training weekly, I worked him several times a day and today he is a gentle dog. He adores my 6 year old grandson and follows him everywhere! He had a wonderful personality that DJ was able to bring out. She certainly knows all breeds and how to help them!


Owner: Jim

DJ has an enormous amount of knowledge concerning dogs. I was looking for not just a trainer but a teacher; one that could show me how to not only have a well behaved dog but to have a loving member of our family. Her firmness, attention to temperament, patience in training not only the dog but the human is exceptional. I now have a well trained, lovable, responsible pet and I am very grateful.

Chief is also certified therapy dog with Caring K9s.